3 ways to create loyalty and stay relevant to your customers

By adminMay 29th

3 ways to create loyalty and stay relevant to your customers

Create loyalty in your brand

If you want to create loyalty in your brand, being available for your audience is vital. Through being genuinely useful to customers in their moments of appreciation you can earn their trust and their loyalty. Here are three ways you can create loyalty through being present.

#1: Be there in the moment

Your customers will research and verify their needs before transacting. How do you research their needs and provide solutions whilst hey are at the point of research?

Spend time looking at what people search for and the how-to videos and tutorials they’re watching on YouTube. Try to “hack the mind of your consumer.”

Use these insights to power your creative.

Ask yourself: Am I obsessed enough with winning pre-sale traffic? Do I know my share of these pre-sale moments and how do I track engagement on my management dashboards?

#2: Re-imagine storytelling

The growth in video content is amazing. This is mainly led by the growing access of mobile broadband. Because of this, YouTube is also winning more traffic than ever. There is now a YouTube production for almost everything in your customer’s life. On YouTube, the average watch time length on mobile is 40 minutes!2

In a mobile world, marketers now have tremendous reach, but there is a far bigger penalty for boring. We have to match the right videos and messages to the right moments and earn consumers’ attention.

Ask yourself: Am I shaping a mobile-first creative strategy, Am I earning attention in the first six seconds with highly relevant and engaging content?

#3: Track the right KPI’s

The connection between mobile and desktop presents huge opportunities to reach and engage customers at more relevant junctures than ever. As our lives become more reliant digital environments we are less aware of how to measure the effect of our work. Traditional metrics shaped at the beginning of the web make it challenging to tap into and learn from this new behaviour. Often traditional metrics can restrict our ability to open up much larger and more qualified audiences. We need a mobile-first and a solution first approach to measurement.

Ask your teams if you are challenging legacy KPIs and prioritising the ones that reflect true customer behaviour.

These three lessons will allow you to remain relevant and keep providing value in ways that matter most to your customers.