You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Sounds simple but basing marketing strategy solely on hunches and guesswork is a gamble we won’t ever advise you to make.

We help businesses across all sectors get their digital strategy off the ground.
In a nutshell:

* From needs analysis to web analytics, information architecture proposals and customer journey planning, Commino can help

* Leveraging the data that you track, own and buy

* Future proof your sustainability by advising on the best CRM strategy for you

What is CRM Strategy?

A customer relationship management (CRM) strategy details your plan to grow and improve customer service by implementing specialist software. It’s a holistic strategy that takes into account customer contact points across the sales journey and, needs input from most of the customer-facing teams within your business.

We provide CRM solutions from leading global SaaS companies. We’re implementation partners for Freshworks, HubSpot and MailChimp these are best in class customer engagement platforms.

Why do I need to think about CRM?

In today’s market, where customers are the central pillar of good businesses<, fickle loyalties are often turned. Not based on price and savings but by the communication and interactions with the businesses they engage as a perfect CRM strategy. Service and connection are everything.

As it costs around 5 times more to win new business than to retain clients, keeping up with expectations of your current customers is financially prudent.

Why your business needs CRM consulting

1. Build meaningful connections with customers

-By leveraging a CRM, businesses can capture the complete customer lifecycle right from prospect to lead to customer.

2. Minimize data entry for better CRM Strategy

CRM capabilities help minimise and automate mundane tasks like creating leads from sign up forms, triggering welcome emails and drip campaigns
for new leads. Unlike spreadsheets and email, a CRM solution can help businesses collaborate with tasks in real-time.

3. Enhance communication with Customer

The CRM acts as a single source of truth for marketing, sales and operations eliminating information gaps and improving visibility across the organization.

4. Build healthier pipelines

A CRM strategy enables businesses to visualise pipelines, thereby making it easier for sales teams to prioritise deals and go after them. This results in increased focus and
also ensures pipelines remain clog-free and sales teams remain committed to the bottom line.

5. Achieve higher revenue for better CRM strategy

Due to a top-line view of customers at all times, sales teams can tap into cross-selling and up-sell opportunities at the right time, thereby improving their
chances of success. Not only that, since you build a better connect with the customer, it also helps limit the chances of customer churn.

6. More collaboration = more resilient business

CRM information and details can also be leveraged by marketing and support teams to provide a more contextual approach. Marketing teams can plan targeted
and personalized campaigns, and support can respond to tickets using the sales context.

What does Commino do when it comes to CRM Strategy?

Commino assess your current CRM needs and will advise the best software and processes for you, whilst maintaining some level of helpdesk to ensure you know your way around before flying solo.

We’ll take into account how your marketing personas think and feel when they engage with you, leveraging their emotional connections and increasing chances of promoters. We’ll show you how to utilise the software to automatically group customers past purchases and tailor precise CRM marketing campaigns only to those who are interested, reducing the number of people who identify your emails as spam.