Enjoy Becoming a 100% Confident + Capable Presenter

Differentiate yourself - with enjoyable, unconventional, and commercially proven guidance...

Thor Holt

Executive Presentation Coach

Client Enjoyment Feedback!

Time to stop avoiding speaking opportunities?

It's natural to be apprehensive about speaking up & leading the conversation. However, capability + confidence = enjoyment

Best practices from 12+ years of coaching leaders worldwide...

  • Enjoyably built client confidence, capability and delivered results (pitches, presentations, speeches, key meetings, negotiations etc. ) on all 5 continents

  • Earned 85+ Linkedin recommendations for my client coaching results

  • Given Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) status at MIT (Boston. USA) for pitch work with their Global Founders Skills Accelerator

  • Christina Chase. Managing Director, MIT Sports Lab. "Thor's awesome. MIT teams can't say enough about him..."

  • Thor ‘walks the walk’ as a current amateur stand-up comedian

  • Achieved 4.8 * average Google Review

Thor Holt - Executive Presentation Coach

100% Presentation Capability + Confidence + "Fantastic Fun!"

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