Email Marketing – A Reliable And Scalable Solution

Email marketing is truly the heart of any digital marketing strategy. And since we all live in a digitally-savvy world, your customers refresh their inbox every now and then. Seize this opportunity to grab their attention and build long-term connections with ingenious email marketing strategies.

At Commino, we leverage the effectiveness of many popular email marketing channels such as: MailChimp and HubSpot. We are experts at constructing HTML based emails with clear and compelling subject lines that draw instant clicks and convert.

As your email marketing company, we create customised email marketing strategies that infuse life into your online marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for your business.

Our Email Marketing Services

Whether you are sending a reminder email to build anticipation for the next product or promoting your latest products, we can help build your brand value.

We offer:

  • Subscriber List: We can assist you to build a large database of contacts that are highly relevant to your business. A well-maintained list of subscribers is integral to keep your business floating when the chips are down.
  • Professionally Designed Templates: Our team creates impeccable designs for email templates that generate immediate clicks and tangible results. All the email template designs are inspired by your brand ethos and values.
  • Data Analysis & Reports: We carry out a comprehensive analysis to figure out what worked, what did not and how much profit each email produced. Detailed reports help gather valuable insights into your unique business marketing needs.

leverage the expertise of our highly knowledgeable and experienced email marketing company and help your business grow.


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