Every good marketing process needs a buzzword!

Growth Hacking sounds like a made-up adjective but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether you’re a fledgling start up or an established global player, fine tune your marketing analytics, hack your growth and maximise your ROI.

In a nutshell:

* Figure out what makes your business tick

* Get to know the who, where, why and when of your products

* Test, test and test again to hone in on the best ways to market



What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is effectively experimenting with and testing different parts of your business and products to work out what is going to “grow” your profit the quickest. It’s a company-wide effort, with growth teams spread across marketing to engineering to customer services and everything in between.

Getting as much bang for your buck is important. Growth hacking lends itself to trends like viral marketing or PPC ads where the cost is significantly less than traditional methods like radio or print advertising.

Why do I need to think about Growth Hacking?

No matter what stage your business is at, it’s prudent to understand how Growth Hacking can improve your bottom line. Whilst startups are drawn to the rapid growth element of Growth Hacking, the process can be easily adjusted to lower your cost per customer acquisition, improve your long-term sustainability or reduce customer churn.

What do Commino do when it comes to Growth Hacking?

For Commino, it’s all about being able to prove our worth and your expenditure. Growth Hacking reaches across SEO, communication marketing, copywriting, social media engagement and website optimisation.

We might test multiple iterations of similar PPC ads to highlight the best performing versions, giving you a real cost to your online advertising. We could assess your client personas and tailor social media marketing to attract new, and retain current business, with regular engagement reports detailing stats like changes in followers and click-throughs.