What is an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Inbound Marketing is the collective term for gently luring potential customers “in” without the need for pushy marketing or direct sales engagement. This is based on having a sound inbound marketing strategy in place.

Inbound flips the relationship between prospects and businesses. Instead of forcing the product in front of the customers, inbound marketing creates awareness, attracting clients with a genuine interest.

Why do I need to think about Inbound Marketing?

Today’s culture sees a nation of people more time-poor than ever. Hitting your prospects with a barrage of unwanted advertising, no matter how great the deals, is more often than not going to land your email into the junk file.

A targeted Inbound marketing strategy ensures your company is sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time, vastly increasing your chances of turning the prospect into a sale.

What does Commino do when it comes to Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Commino will enable you to implement information gathering channels, like PPC advertising and CRM Strategies that will then allow you to craft an improved customer experience. This “value-added” information builds trust with your clients by not wasting their time promoting things to them they aren’t interested in.

Strong brand identity, content marketing and analytics data all drive inbound marketing numbers skywards while creating a rosy glow of personalisation for each prospect throughout all their touch points in the funnel.


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