As it costs almost 5 times more to win new clients than it does to retain current ones, ensuring you retarget your existing client base is crucial in today’s cut throat environment.

Employing the right digital marketing strategies for your business AND your client’s can be tricky, with money spent on the wrong ad on the wrong platform at the wrong time. Take out the guess work and let us get it right for you.

In a nutshell:

* Chose from a vast range of solutions to retarget your clients, from SEO, to PPC and UX

* Retargeting is a vital component of your ad strategy that increases revenue

* Leverage data about who<, where, when and how to retarget in order to see the best return


What is Retargeting?

In short, retargeting is aimed at users who have previously visited your website. Therefore, they will be much more likely to click and convert.

When a user visits your website, an anonymous browser cookie is created. When those visitors (with their browser cookie) browse the internet, your retargeting provider will “follow” them, showing them your ads. As a result, they will be relevant and non-intrusive – increasing the chances of positive responses from the audience.

Although retargeting is a great way to maximize your ad performance, it has to be done according to the industry’s best practices and regulations.


Why do I need to think about Retargeting?

In today’s global marketplace, prospects are turned off by pushy, irrelevant marketing, because no saving is a saving if they’re not interested in the first place. Subsequently, it’s now a company’s place to increase their brand awareness and leverage their retained user base as promoters, all of which falls under the retargeting umbrella.

Direct marketing is often a sinkhole for precious advertising budgets and ultimately infuriates more customers that it enthralls. Retargeting will capture those who are interested in your brand and coax them back with personalised advertising messages put across at the right times.


What do Commino do when it comes to Retargeting?

We work through the most prudent marketing strategies for your business, whether it be CRM, social media, or holistic digital marketing, and make all your processes more efficient, cost effective and lucrative in terms of ROI and profit.

We analyse all the gathered information and use that, along with educated assumptions about customer personas to craft the perfect data of who, where, when and how to retarget in order to see the best return.