What is SEO?

Organic traffic doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer. SEO is all about maximising both the quantity AND quality of site traffic through non-paying methods.

Search Optimisation is not witchcraft or smoke and mirrors. We have a proven scientific method for SEO that is fully accountable and transparent. We are so confident that we will even guarantee results after 3 months. To top it off we won’t even charge you the £2k fee for an SEO proposal / audit. You can have it for free.


Why do I need to think about SEO?

If your website isn’t seen by the people searching for a service or product like yours, you’re cutting out a huge chunk of potential business. The way search engines like Google “rank” sites relevant to search terms can seem a bit like black magic, with terms like keywords, metadata and alt text ALL being assessed by the bots who scour your site when someone is searching for a company like yours. Don’t trip up over the intricacies.


What do Commino do when it comes to SEO?

We’re Google certified experts when it comes to SEO. We offer a host of SEO services from keyword leveraged copy writing to website optimastion and more that will get your business and website noticed.

Better SEO results in more organic, high-quality traffic that ultimately translates to profit.