Top 10 SEO Growth Hacks

By adminMay 31st

Top 10 SEO Growth Hacks

1 – Keyword in URL after the trailing slash (use – ) to separate words as _ is ignored and does not work.

 2 – Page titles – Keep them short and aim for around 60 characters. Put your Main Keyword first then your related keywords. Remember to reuse your high traffic keywords in the middle of the first sentence on the page.

 3 – Use the same keywords in your H1 (page header) as you do in the page title (page name). i.e. is read by google ad videomarketing it is better to use as search engines read it as two words and give your site benefit for video, marketing and video marketing but NOT FOR marketing *** video. It is always worth building a page for both video marketing and then for marketing video so that you appear for phrases like marketing using video

H1 tags are super important but they have to match the relevance for the entire pages so whatever your URL and title are use that to match the main heading / title Inside the page (H1 tag)

 4 – Image and video tagging. For years I have done one small trick that has outranked all others for on page assets. I mark up my page assets like this:


i.e. 1080p_Video-marketing-for-yoga-classes_17-7-17_Yoga-London.mp4

 or for images I would use:

 2000px_Video-marketing-for-yoga-classes_17-7-17_Yoga-london.PNG You should also add additional keywords to images using EXIF data (This is hidden archive data that is added by cameras and used by photographers)

 5 – Use additional ALT tags on all images and video. also include Google authorship where applicable.

 6 – H2 tags (section headers should be used sparingly and be different but relevant to the main keyword. Think about your H2 as being a subset of the H1. 

i.e. if H1 is Video marketing for Yoga classes, H2 should be how to make your videos or where to upload your videos etc.

 7 – Page Speed and mobile responsiveness. This is the 100% big dog of today. Faster sites rank higher period, mobile responsive sites rank higher period. Build pages to load fast and be mobile responsive and you will be rewarded.

 8 – Limit use of JavaScript and provide a non-java script failover. This is a secret hack that has been working amazingly for years. No one looks at non-JS sites anymore but search engines reward you for having a failover site. This only needs to be a flat HTML page that the user gets redirected to if JS is turned off. Easy and cheap to do and chances are that no one else in your category is doing it.

 9 – Social signals – The same way high views and likes helps to rank on YouTube. Social signals on your webpage help to rank for search. Include 90 character tweetable quotes on your page. The reason for 90 chars is so that you can also add a (shortened) link to the tweet and users can also include their own handle. 

You can extend this further by gating content until it is shared socially. <— This one is massive especially in local marketing. Think of creating engagement using ideas like: “Share to get a coupon”

 10 – The secret super weapon that everyone needs to use. Creating a relevant and powerful internal link strategy will skyrocket your rankings. You need to build relevant links from and to internal pages using a very simple internal link strategy. This strategy is to:

• Use no_follow in all menu and footer links

• Link pages together using keywords in the copy based on relevance. i.e. you can link video marketing page to create video page

• You are trying to create a browsing interest based internal link structure to show Search engines that you are focussed on being relevant and adding value to visitors. By drip feeding content to your visitors you increase your time on site and your pages viewed per session. This shows Search engines that your site is relevant and helpful to visitors.

Bonus tip – Number 11 – Buy paid ads!!!! 

Allocating a very small PPC budget (around 200-500 per month). Use this budget to bid on relevant keywords and it will improve your organic search position. I am not saying that if you pay search engines they rank you higher. Imagine it more like a tax. At we have seen a boost of 5 positions on page 1 search results just by starting to bid on PPC for the main site keywords.

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