Getting yourself seen can’t always be organic. Sometimes spending a little can be worth a lot. That’s where Pay Per Click advertising comes into its own.

By crafting captivating content, and leveraging keywords our PPC agency can drive prospects to your site who will land with a vested interest and ultimately, be more likely to buy.

Google certified, we & our PPC management company are experts at buying biddable advertising across Google, Yahoo and Bing.
In a nutshell:

* Pinpoint the customers searching for a business like yours

* Create efficient Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for low costs

* Prove ROI with thorough analytics at every step

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC), or cost per click (CPC) refers to internet advertising where the advertiser (you) would pay a publisher> (Google, Bing, etc) every time your advert is clicked by an interested prospect.

It drives relevant traffic to your website by leveraging keywords within the context of both the advertising copy AND website content in relation to the searches being performed by the prospect, and is charged by either a bidding system or by a fixed price per click and here you needs an PPC agency. Banner ads< are another type of display advertising model that are grouped in with PPC ads but not usually billed in a £ per click structure. Social media advertising has also jumped on the PPC method for their advertising.

Why do I Need to Think About Pay Per Click Advertising?

With so many combinations of advertising real estate (search engine ads, social media ads, banner ads, website sponsored ads) no matter what sector you’re in, there will be something that fits. Due to the nature of PPC advertising, it’s a great route to implement Growth Hacking and really inspect the nuances of what works and what doesn’t with your ads, saving you money each time you hone in on your most lucrative prospects.

What Do Commino Do When It Comes To Pay Per Click Advertising As An PPC Agency?

From start to finish, our PPC agency experts fine tune all the data gathered across multiple touch points. Our copy gets reviewed and tweaked and our ad implementation gets analysed and updated, meaning the money you are spending on PPC ads really is offering you the highest conversions.